Father, son team up to show easier ways to find employment through comparison to sales


F. Darnall Daley Jr. and F. D. "Dale" Daley III use their experiences in searching for a job as a guide for other job seekers in “MyEasyJobSearch.com: How to Get a Job in the 21st Century”


WYOMISSING, Pa. – Looking for steady employment in today’s economy can be difficult, but what’s even more difficult is not receiving a reply. Father and son author team, F. Darnall Daley Jr. and F. D. "Dale" Daley III, compare effective job searching to sales in their book, “MyEasyJobSearch.com: How to Get a Job in the 21st Century” (ISBN 1466312300).


According to the Daleys, those seeking employment after graduation or being laid off often go into panic mode, and start sending off resumes and answering any ads that they can find. However, more often than not, those individuals only come up empty handed. To combat this, the authors say job hunters should treat their search as they would sales. They believe that not having a strategic plan when searching for employment ultimately leads to no results.


Their book is filled with steps that attempt to effectively increase job search results and consequently, success. In the book, readers create lists of their likes, dislikes and skills before deciding whether they want a job or to pursue an alternative route, such as starting their own business.


If they decide they want a job, they then have to figure out exactly where they want to look and what kind of job they want to hold. The Daleys encourage readers to do thorough research to learn more about the organizations and companies, which will eventually lead to them making a sale of themselves to their potential employers.


Developing a better understanding of what it takes to land a new job can be frustrating but worth it, according to Daley Jr.


“There is a right way and a wrong way to go about searching for a job,” Daley Jr. says. “The right way makes the job search easy, or at least easier.”


“MyEasyJobSearch.com: How to Get a Job in the 21st Century” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.


About the Authors:

F. Darnall Daley Jr. is the author of “The Commissioner’s Corner,” a collection of inspirational Boy Scout essays. He has more than five decades worth of working experience in various industries. He is semi-retired and lives with his wife in Pennsylvania.


F. D. “Dale” Daley III has more than three decades of experience in theme park management. He lives with his wife in Florida.


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